Our Vision

Our Values

Our Brand Values
  • Reliability: Our stakeholders can rely on our expertise, commitment and determination to fulfil our promises ‐ internally and externally
  • Agility: We are quick to act when called upon, understanding that we operate in a market where decisiveness and action are key
  • People: We take a personal interest in people ‐ our customers, staff and suppliers ‐ understanding their challenges and goals, and commit ourselves to mutual success and benefit

What makes us different?

our Advantages
  • Ideal choice for corporate and independent pharmacies
  • Preferred supplier to large buying groups including both retail and hospital sector.
  • Preferred supplier to private hospital groups.


  • Continuous training and skills development of staff
  • Unique and key skills in fine and bulk distribution
  • Provide a quick entry to market and ensure stocks are readily available
  • Able to drive volume and increase sales
  • Unparalleled Geographic and KOL coverage all over Libya
  • We provide a frequent, reliable delivery service